Fluorides are absolutely necessary for the eradication of cavities in-between the teeth and for adults along the smooth surfaces and roots. There are many different kinds of fluorides and they have different uses. Some are available directly to the consumer, others will require a prescription.

In general, children need:

  • Fluoridated toothpaste
  • Systemic fluoride
    • water supply; or
    • prescription
  • Professionally applied fluoride


Some children may also need:

  • Fluoride rinses
  • Fluoride gel *
  • Fluoride varnish *
  • High potency Fluoride toothpaste *

* by prescription

If your child is not receiving fluoride through your community’s water system, you should speak to your pediatrician or pediatric dentist about getting prescription Fluoride supplements. Fluoride supplementation, when necessary should begin by age 6 months.

Fluoride Treatments

In addition to the systemic fluoride that children should be receiving, either through the water supply or by prescription, twice yearly fluoride applications at the dentist’s office are an important part of an overall prevention strategy.

The latest form of “topical fluoride” is very different from what you may have had as a child.Fluoride varnish

Instead of the bulky trays that were kept in your mouth for what seemed like an eternity, the newest fluoride is just painted on the teeth and has very little taste.

Best of all, you can eat and drink immediately after using the new generation of fluoride varnishes.

Some varnishes, as pictured here are yellow in color, but the newest are actually tooth colored.

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