Oral Rinses

Oral Rinses


There have been many advances in oral rinses in the past few years. In addition to the traditional use of fluoride in rinses, there are now products that help to remineralize teeth and help to promote periodontal health.

As with fluoride rinses, children should only rinse if they can do so without swallowing. For most children, that ability begins by about age 6 years.

Fluoride Rinses

In addition to being able to prevent cavities, fluoride rinsing can actually help to remineralize teeth.ACT fluoride rinse Drugstore.com

The earliest stage of a cavity is a demineralized area or “white spot”. On an x-ray, these may appear as very small areas that are still limited to the outer enamel surface of the teeth.

In such cases, especially on permanent teeth, together with flossing, these fluoride rinses can overcome the demineralizing process and help to strengthen the enamel.

Using fluoride rinses can make these small cavities disappear.

Fluoride rinses should not be used by individuals that can’t rinse without swallowing.

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