Tooth Whitening

Self Applied Tooth Whitening

There are many over the counter products that claim to whiten teeth.Listerine Whitening Strips

For many people, the low potency of the active agents in these products is sufficient and may result in whitening the teeth by 2 or more shades.

Crest White StripsAs with any tooth whitening products, there may be some toth sensitivity that occurs during treatment. That sensitivity is more likely to occur in younger patients or in patients that have cavities.

For patients for whom more whitening is desired than can be achieved with over the counter products, the more potent products available at the dentist’s office will be required.

Professional Tooth Whitening

Over the years there has been a incredible growth in the demand for tooth whitening services.

Due to the very common side effect of tooth sensitivity, particularly with children, professional tooth whitening should be undertaken only after you have already tried some less potent over the counter agents, such as whitening toothpastes, or whitening strips.

Of the numerous professionally applied products available, there are those that may be applied in the office, with or without the use of a special light treatment. Additionally, some products may be applied in the privacy of your own home using a custom made tray.

A syytem that has been shown to be particularly effecive and with fewer side effects in adolescents is Opalescense Xtra Boost..Opalescence Xtra Boost

Although you may find this product available online, it is not recommended that you use this without professional supervision. The manufacturer, Ultradent, does have a consumer store at which you may purchase certain products, but not at the strength of the professionally applied product.

With Opalescence Xtra Boost patients will have whiter teeth before they leave our office. The product is so advanced that it does not require a laser or heat lamp for activation, which eliminates a major source of tooth sensitivity.

After just a 1 hour appointment, 95% of patients experience a significant result. Some patients may require a take home kit, as well.

As with all patients, good oral hygiene is an important factor in maintaining a satisfactory cosmetic and esthetic outcome.

Tres white

Some patients may require an additional home kit to use for several days in order to help stabilize the tooth shade.

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